About the Hit and Run Theater Company  


Arne Zaslove conceived the Hit and Run Theater Company after a staged reading of Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here, presented at the Museum of History and Industry in October 2011, attracted great audience interest and enthusiasm. He followed up in 2012 with staged readings of Freddie Brinster’s Dark Farce and K.C. Brown’s The Realm of Whispering Ghosts, moving to different venues around Seattle. With Music Director John Engerman, he created the musical revue Poisoning Pigeons in the Park: The Relevant, Radical and Risqué Songs of Tom Lehrer, which played at the Market Theatre in Pike Place Market in October 2012 and at West of Lenin in Fremont this summer.

In January 2013, Hit and Run turned a large dance space at the Century Ballroom on Capitol Hill into the venue for an environmental staging of Our Town, featuring Gordon Coffey as the Stage Manager.

Hit and Run Theater Company is a project of Global Works: www.globalworksworks.com


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